October 18, 2010


Since October, 2007 some of my favorite friends in DC and I have been meeting in a "colloquium group" for a monthly discussion. We discuss a question like "What is the future of the U.S.?", "What are our true moral obligations and duties?", "What is art?", for about an hour and a half followed by hang out time. This week we met to discuss how to overcome our limited view of the character of God.
If you crave something more substantive than the typical party and would like to get to know like-minded people I would suggest starting a colloquium or book group:

1. Find 6 - 15 interested people (include friends, but for a good discussion include others outside of your usual circle).
2. Choose a few questions/books to focus on in your first few months, a time, location and someone to lead the discussion.
3. Have your first meeting! (Be patient. Expect that it may take up to 6 mths to really take, others need to know you are serious about the group. If you stick with it it will continue and like-minded people will find you to join.)

Feel free to email if you have any questions about starting up your own group! xo!

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