October 13, 2010

California Dreaming

Heather and I had a great weekend in California! I remembered, once again, how important it is to take out time to be with your best friends.
Our first day was spent in Hollywood. We took a double decker bus tour, just like the ones I see every day in DC, followed by a trip to Rock N Roll Cupcakes. The tour was totally worth it! I've been to Hollywood 3 times but I've never really known anything about it until the tour. A local drummer runs Rock N Roll Cupcakes on the side. He's created a perfect union between rock & roll and cupcakes:
(Red Velvet Underground, Oreo Speedwagon, Sweet Child O'Lime, Heath Richards, Linkin Dark, Rage Against the Vanilla Bean - I had a Strawberry Fieldz)
The next day we visited the Santa Monica mid-singles ward followed by a trip to Newport Beach. We got a great deal on a room at the Hilton Regency resort on Hotwire.

Our final day of the trip was spent at Disneyland! The park is totally dressed up for Halloween and Harvest parties.

The best surprise moment of the weekend was not Heather waking up to me laughing in my sleep (I dreamed a really good joke), but running into Jan from The Office at a restaurant.
Thanks for the great weekend, love you H!

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  1. Liz, thanks for the only two celebrity sightings in my life: Larry Appleton and Jan Levinson-Gould. Perfect.