September 16, 2010

Upcoming Feature!

Dear All,

We are assembling what we think to be a pretty all-star panel of people to answer questions from you, the readers. It will be a mixed panel of golden hearted ones--male and female, single and married (info on them to come). There will be a more formal call for questions in the very near future, but we wanted to get you geared up for it in the mean time! Please consider any questions you may want to ask about living abundantly, dating, marriage, being single, and the like. We think it's sure to be an interesting and worthwhile conversation. If you are inclined to send in questions right away, feel free to leave them in the comment section. We're excited!!

Love, H

p.s. I thought this photo of me pretending to think of questions might inspire you to also pretend to think of questions. But only long enough to get your own picture. Looking forward to your REAL questions soon :).


  1. Question: How do I achieve emotional maturity?

    (Background: I recently ended a serious-picking-the-wedding-date-serious relationship due to my emotional immaturity. "Emotional maturity" means "ability to asses and proactively handle varying levels of stressful/difficult situations in an adult, calm, and healthy manner" (to me). My desire is emotional maturity in all aspects of life, beyond romantic entanglements. I'm looking for loving advice. Thanks!)

  2. Kami, thank you for your honest and insightful question! Very revelant for many single people. We'll do our best to address this issue on the blog. Thanks!