September 18, 2010

The Sunday Post

A couple of years ago I became acquainted with some of the writings of M. Catherine Thomas, who has since become a favorite of mine. She has a Ph.D. in ancient history and is retired from the faculty of the Ancient Scripture Department at BYU. And she's brilliant.

This article in particular is one I have poured over. It's entitled "Zion and the Spirit of At-one-ment" and is worth a good read. Her thoughts have been quite pivotal for me in understanding my role in loving relationships. These three paragraphs have been on my mind:

As we grow spiritually, our feeling about life is influenced by how we act and even feel toward others; that is, we truly reap what we send out. Alma 41:15 is one of the best statements of this law of restoration: "For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored" unto you. This teaches us that if we don't like what we are getting out of a particular close relationship, we may have to check what it is that we are sending into that relationship.
We probably also have to realize at some point that thoughts and feelings have energy of their own, and they travel from their origin to affect people and things outside the originator—but mostly they affect the person with whom they originated. Thoughts are probably a rudimentary form of the power of creation that you and I will have in the hereafter. The more we are able to control and discipline our thinking here (as the scriptures speak a good deal about), the greater power we will have to create the things we want around us
What happens to us enters our systems as energy and takes effect through our energy systems, but what we send out in response seems to have a much more powerful effect on us. For example, perhaps someone trespasses against you, and you feel this negative ripple through your system, and you face the moment of decision. Are youconsciously aware of that moment of decision? You have the power either to neutralize the assault on you and return love for what happened or to let it flow out of you in intensified negative waves, increasing the bad situation. My happiness, my possession of the Lord's Spirit, depends on what I decide, from many options, to do.
After feeling like a failure in my 'moments of decision' this past week, I was humbled by her insight this morning. I'm making a renewed effort this week...and am grateful for the opportunity.
She goes on to write about the concept of at-one-ment and divine independence--both of which, I think, are pretty key in forming healthy and also eternal bonds. I hope you'll read the article for yourself! It's really beautiful.

Have a lovely Sabbath!

(For more by M. Catherine Thomas, see here and here. She may become one of your favorites too.)

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