September 23, 2010

Pure decadence

I've been all wound up inside...thinking about life, making decisions, worrying about stuff that probably doesn't matter. When I'm all wound up I turn inward and that's a lame place to be, because I start making up untrue and dramatic stories about my existence. I'm trying to figure out how to unwind at a quicker pace so that I'm not such a burden to the slightly better half of myself (not to mention the people I love who kindly deal with my brooding). It's nice when something or someone can pull you back to reality, if even for a moment-like a good book that keeps you up until the wee hours, kissing little niece's cheeks, a phone call out of the blue. Today it was the cute grandmas and grandpas at the temple. I heard one grandpa with a grin on his face whisper to his beloved, "Do you feel trapped being sealed to me for eternity?" Amazing. It made me smile and I remembered again that life is good and funny and interesting (the answer was no, by the way).

I'm happy about my little life-even with all the patience it requires. Also, I'm happy that tonight is a full moon--it's one of my favorite things in this solar system (Thanksgiving at Chuck-a-Rama and evil being among my least favorite things). So tonight I will continue a newly created tradition of me, the desert, the full moon, and this:

I love that it's called "Purely Decadent." I think I consider a chocolate covered chocolate cake topped with chocolate shavings and a side of chocolate ice cream to be decadent. This stuff doesn't even have sugar in it. But on the scale of soy free/dairy free/gluten free desserts...this little pint is on the decadently delicious side. I love it with all of my heart.


  1. Yum, thanks for the recommendation. Joe has a mile-wide sugar tooth and I think this will hit the spot!

  2. I love a good full moon... Was last nigh the harvest moon? Is there really only one harvest moon? Or is it just a song/album by Neil Young?

    I love you Heather. We all fall into untruth sometimes... It is what makes those pull out moments so true... life saving. :) Come visit soon.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. My word for when I feel blah: Basket-ed-ness. You describe it more eloquently. Also, I love love love this "decadent" treat. Coconut Bliss is also a really good one. Miss you! We need to see each other more. Oh, it's Liz, not Corey :)