September 8, 2010

Favorite Books Part I – Why I Like It

The book Mother Teresa, by Kathryn Spink, is one of the most profoundly inspiring books I’ve ever read. We named the Mother House Foundation after Mother Teresa’s first dwelling and in honor of her work. No woman in history knew how to activate single women for good like Mother Teresa. She put 3,000+ women in over 52 countries to work caring for the dying, ill, lonely and “thirsty” for God’s love. Though we don't make the same commitments these women do as LDS women, our call to serve Christ is the same. Mother Teresa's wisdom and devotion are deeply inspiring. Mother Teresa embraced others of all faiths and, I believe, truly knew how to do the Lord’s work.

I would also recommend the gorgeous, award-winning documentary called Mother Teresa, by sisters Anne and Jeanette Petrie. The film not only captures Mother Teresa at her work, but captures an actual miracle as it comes to pass. I’ve never seen anything like it on film. We gathered with several friends to watch this movie and had a wonderful discussion afterwards. It brought up some of the issues closest to our hearts. I would recommend it! xoxo.

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