September 3, 2010

Liz here, signing on. I’m excited to introduce the new Golden Heart blog created especially for LDS single women. Heather (co-blogger), Marie (sister), Erin (roommate) and I ran a nonprofit for a few years called the Mother House Foundation. The purpose of the foundation was to help single women live their lives more abundantly. Though I’m not sure we always knew exactly what we were doing with Mother House, I met and grew closer to some of my dearest friends through that endeavor. We also heard a lot of amazing stories and gathered resources. The purpose of this blog is to share some of the resources we have gathered as well as a little about our day-to-day lives as single women.

There is little vision or discussion out there about what’s to be enjoyed in the Mormon single years, and it can sometimes feel that we're just way off in the wilderness somewhere. The Lord is with you on your path, you are not on your own – even if the timing of your life doesn’t quite fit your expectations. AND it’s not all about dating, though that’s certainly a big aspect of these years. We’ll be focusing on more than just that on this blog.

Quick note, it seems that women sometimes feel less than when viewing the lives of others - especially when it comes to blogs. It's not right that one woman should be esteemed above another. We hope to avoid those feelings on this site as we highlight many inspiring stories and insight from single women we know. If there is something that seems enviable I hope you'll choose to view the post/s in the way intended. If you are feeling less than I hope you will:

• Choose to be inspired to take the challenge and go for the same things yourself. If you embrace your interest you may find your feelings leading you towards an exciting part of your future life!
• Remember that everyone has struggles and you do yourself a disservice to assume anyone is perfect or superior. We’re all human and go through the difficulties inherent in this life.
• And most of all, remember YOU are wonderful and have your own personal talents and gifts! We all have talents to enjoy, things to create, personal beauty to share and incredible experiences to go through in this lifetime.

I’m a big believer in the power of the sisterhood. I love the single women I’ve met through this process and can’t wait to hear and share experiences and struggles. Love, love, love to you wonderful women. Looking forward to creating deeper community with you!

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