September 15, 2010

Fascinating Facts (?)

I once had what might be called an obsession with a free book I got called 2,012 Fascinating Facts. I read the 200+ pages of nothing but fascinating facts from cover to cover. The year was 2003 (yes, I was an adult), but unfortunately, the book was copyrighted in 1976. The facts were a BIT out of date. So, in the telling of a fact I would have to end with “. . .in 1976, that is”. For instance, “there are more African-Americans in Houston than there are total people in Alaska . . . in 1976, that is”. But many of the facts stood alone and on any given Saturday night I would blow the minds of my friends with a fact on grey whales or an Egyptian ruler.

My reign as fascinating fact champion ended after only months, when I ignominiously gave the fact, “If you were to line up your veins end to end they would reach from here to Denver, Colorado”. After a moment of silence my friend Matt asked, “from
where to Denver, Colorado?”. I had no answer. The fact was hopelessly incomplete and all facts were suspect from that moment on.

In that same spirit, but with much more confidence in the list of facts below, I thought I would share a few facts about the things I love right now as a single woman. (And yes, I realize the only reason they are facts is because I do,
in fact, really love these things right now - once again, not so good with facts).

I love:

1. Tolstoy, Plato and Nibley, because they change my life.
We Belong by Pat Benatar, written in 1984. Seriously, hardly a better chorus (or drummer in a video) out there.
3. My telework day.
4. Learning how to have hope on a new and deeper level about the Plan of Salvation
in my life (I've always believed in it for everyone else, of course).
5. The East Coast, baby.
6. Jazzercise (thanks to the 80’s once again).
7. Going to Eastern Market for fruits, vegetables and black & white cookies (see picture above).
8. Turning my new spot into a real home.
9. Not eating a big lunch.
10. In darkness, the human eye can see a lit match from 50 miles away.

And that’s a FACT.


1 comment:

  1. I've been thinking a lot lately about happiness and being single. This post reminds me that we have to find things we love and things that make us happy. I think those "things you love now as a single woman," would still be things that you loved if you were a married woman. The main difference would be somebody to share the experience, or a "witness to [your] life" as they say in "Shall We Dance?" (Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon version of that movie.)

    I worry sometimes about the implication that because I am single, I must be sad. This post has also made me wonder about the flip side of having to find things to be happy about when you are single - What makes you happy to be single? What do you enjoy about being single? Think about it.

    I have lived alone for just over a year. The thing I enjoy about this situation is the uninterrupted reading time. If I get married, I won't necessarily have that kind of time to read. I figure I might as well take advantage of it while I can. I love coming home from work and curling up on the couch to read a good book.